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Our Mission

“To surpass the expectations of our customers in quality, schedule, production and safety!”


About Us

1996 Origination

Industrial Concrete Incorporated (ICI) started business in 1996 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. In it’s first year, ICI employed approximately twenty people and worked mainly on small, commercial, turn-key concrete projects in the general area located between Richmond, VA and Washington DC.

2001 Place & Finish Division

ICI started a “Place and Finish” division in 2001. This division specializes in large commercial, industrial and governmental mass concrete placement. The average pour size is normally between 10,000 sf and 15,000 sf, but the ICI place and finish crews have also poured 40,000 to 50,000 sf in one day with multiple crews.

2007 Mississippi Office

ICI took on an additional partner by opening a southern division in Mississippi in 2007. From this location, ICI plans to continue servicing their current general contractors in the Mississippi area but also plans to expand the general contractor base and project locations into the states of Louisiana, Florida, Georgia and beyond. ICI believes that there will be substantial growth in the gulf coast states over the next five to ten years and ICI is ready to aid any general contractor with work in this particular area.

2009 Management Structure Improvements

ICI added an in-house engineer/estimator, a project development director and purchased technically advanced estimating software packages. These changes to the ICI management structure are already helping to improve their relationships and bidding procedures with all customers. ICI now has the capabilities to produce large scale, accurate, mass concrete estimates, sometimes in less than 48 hours.

Current Statistics

Over the past calendar year, ICI has employed over 125 employees, worked in six different states, placed over 50,000 cubic yards and finished over 1,000,000 sf of concrete.

Growth and the Future

Since the start, ICI has continued to grow even through the slow economy. The company’s growth has been the result of the expanding customer base that has mushroomed over the years, mainly due to ICI’s job performance history.

In the future, ICI strives to take the company to the next level. ICI is devoted to continue to improve its job performance reputation that has been built over the years.