Our Integrity is Set in Concrete.

Industrial Concrete Incorporated (ICI) sets themselves apart by dedicating all resources to ensure that your concrete project is completed on schedule. ICI does not sacrifice quality or safety.

ICI has been in operation for over twelve years and includes experienced leaders who have been in the concrete and construction industry for over thirty years.

ICI services reflect their dedication to getting the job done. With an all-encompassing concrete service, they can provide you with the quality you deserve and expect. Their services will be provided in a timely, efficient, safe and service-oriented manner. Their “can-do” attitude will ensure a no-worries experience.


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As a full-service concrete contractor, Industrial Concrete offers:

Pre – Construction

To create a solid foundation of a well-constructed building, ICI begins with a solid foundation in the beginning stages of planning. ICI has a system for each project to include planning, estimating, scheduling and reporting. This allows them to oversee the progress of the project and remain on point with the objectives and goals. Services include:

  • Conceptual budgets and cost estimating
  • Project schedules and phasing
  • Value engineering
  • Technical and constructability reviews
  • Site analysis and evaluation, development services, materials and labor analysis, and plan review

Core Construction

After the planning and pre-construction phases, ICI will proceed to structural excavation and then on to creating the framework for installation and placement of concrete. Services include:

  • Structural excavation and backfill
  • Concrete formwork design and installation
  • Concrete reinforcement installation
  • Concrete placement and finishing (“Place & Finish”)

Project Management

The managers of ICI will ensure safety, quality and productivity in a timely manner on each project. They will take a collaborative approach with the client, engineers and contractors to create a team approach to the project. ICI begins with the engineers and contractors in the early pre-construction stages to build a relationship and result in a better value engineering and budgeting. Services include:

  • Safety, quality, productivity management
  • Materials procurement and logistics
  • Field engineering
  • Extended package management

Quality Sub Contracting

This traditional method of delivery gives us the flexibility and creativity needed to deliver a project with a competitive bid approach. Generally the contract is performed on a lump sum price that covers all labor, equipment, services, materials, overhead and profit for the entire project. Our estimating department is comprised of educated cost estimators, utilizing advanced estimating software, that give us a sharp advantage in today’s market. Services include:

  • Budget reviews
  • Accurate cost estimating
  • Scheduling management
  • Quality control
  • Safety administration
  • Competitive bid quotation